Previous slide not working properly

Feb 10, 2022

Hello to all,

I have created one sample drag drop test.

Slide 1.1 is normal content slide which will lead to 1.3 which is drag drop page
Slide 1.3 is a normal where option comes and user is supposed to drag 2 options( answer is: transaction size and purchase frequency).  it has submit and reset button.

slide 1.2 is reset slide of 1.2

slide 1.4 is next content slide

The problem if user submits the answer in first go without reset then all functionality works properly (previous and next).. but if he clicks reset and goes to 1.2 and then move forward to 1.4 and then previous he comes to 1.3. ( the option of previous slide dont work as there are many slides after 1.4 and user can play with next & previous button anytime)


On previous it should show resume saved items , if submitted should show the layers 


I need help in solving the query.


any input will be appreciated.



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Ron Price

Hi there,

Base what I am seeing in your story file, you have edited the Previous button to take you to slide 1.3 specifically. 

You may prefer the default "Previous Slide" option.  You can easily edit this in SLide properties, by deselecting the Previous options and then re-selecting them.


See if that makes a difference.

Abhishek Maurya

Hello Ron,

I have kept 1.3 becuase if user do the test in one go then on previous slide it will be in a line. But he select reset path , then its not working . I didnt kept previous because if there are 20 slide suppose and from menu if he goes till 7 and then he tires to come previous then, it will not go to desired slides


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Abhishek.

Thank you for the additional details!

If you need the previous button to behave differently depending on the user's path, I recommend using a True/False variable.  You can then set the previous button to:

  • Jump to one slide when the variable is true.
  • Jump to another slide when the variable is false.

You can change the variable to True if the user clicks the reset button.

Let me know if this works!