Print and Downloading Options in Storyline for the Slide

Jan 28, 2018

Hello guys,

How to Print and download Slides in Articulate Storyline 360.

I've been searching for print and downloading options for various objects. I've looked under triggers, properties, etc.

I have to print only the certificate in my slide. Not the print and download button and also I don't want to print the menu in the top of the slide.

Is there any option or jquery to print a exact height and width?

Can someone help me to come out of the above issue?

Here I am sharing my .story file please have a look let me know.



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Katie Riggio

Hi Apoorv!

I wanted to share some printing in Storyline discussions that you might find helpful:

I hope these resources help, and we'll still be here to help if you have any more questions! Let us know how you make out!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the follow up, Apoorv!

While custom JavaScript is not something that Articulate can assist with, many folks will turn the Print Results report into a certificate for learners to print or save. You can customize the report.html file in your published output to behave as you'd like. More on that here. Maybe not ideal – but perhaps removing the player from the course is another option?

I hope the resources I provided helped a bit, and I'll open the floor to the community now in case anyone is able to share their custom code with you.

Crystal Horn

Hi Shannon.  Thanks for chiming in.  It sounds like you wanted your users to have the ability to print the slide contents without the player. Storyline will run the print screen JavaScript command, but that includes the whole window.

Do you need your users to have access to all of the slides, or do you have certain slides that are helpful to have printed?  Some folks will attach a document in the Resources section of the player that will contain content to print.  If you need the whole course to be printable, you can publish the course for Word and attach that doc in Resources.

Feel free to tell us a little more about what you need, and we'll see what the community has to offer.

Shannon Lang

All I need is to be able to download and/or print a certificate of completion after they pass the test at the end of the course (no other pages).  To print it with the player is pretty tacky.   I know this has been a need and desire for years for many people.  I feel a little embarrassed that I can't deliver this to my client after creating a great course in storyline, it's our final crux.  His previous course that was built by another company allows you to download the certificate no problem, not sure what software they used to build it?    

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