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Feb 09, 2016


Within my Storyline 2 course, I would like to have a slide where the learner can type in a paragraph or two, then be able to print that page by clicking on a print icon or link. Is this possible- does storyline support this functionality?

I did try a little workaround of a 'survey' slide...where then I had a result slide which brought over what they typed, however, the printout of the 'student answer' is such a narrow column. Not sure how to customize that easily.

Thank you!



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Danielle Daniele

Thanks Christie. I do like the option of the results slide printing better than a javascript code that prints the entire player. However, the results slide layout ...I have a nice wide column for the 'question'...but the 'student answer' is very narrow...because they may be typing a paragraph or two, it just looks a little funny.  Is there anyway to customize the page that prints?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Danielle -- Is the following what you are describing? If so, unfortunately that cannot be altered at this time, so you'd need to submit your request here.

Essay Response Doesn't Have Line Breaks in Printed Results

The print results feature doesn't support rich text formatting. As a result, line breaks between paragraphs in essay responses won't display in printed results.

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