Print list of triggers

Dec 06, 2012


I have a bug with my triggers, but there are so many I would like to know if it is possible to print my triggers (and only them), to go through on the paper and not on my screen. I mean it could be easier to look for my mistake on paper. 

If you know how to do it, thank you very much ! 

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Lori Brese

I would also like to have the ability to export or print the triggers. I am a Training Administrator and often am asked to troubleshoot what others in my company are having issues with. Currently I have to download their project and then analyze the triggers one by one. This would be much easier if the triggers were able to be exported or printed.

Robert Auchenpaugh

The update last year is a great one for working with triggers, but there is still an occasional need to print the entire list of triggers for a page.

In working on a complex page with several layers holding trigger actions - and for me particularly when triggers are updating several variables, being able to print them would be helpful.  Even with the Triggers panel undocked, scrolling up and own to locate and verify triggers is still a slow and tedious task...would love to have them on paper or even in an Excel sheet, and be able to "check off" the ones I've verified.



Kriss Laber

Storyline triggers are much more intuitive than they used to be. However, I still have situations where I have upwards of 30 triggers on a slide. The ability to print a list of triggers AND a list of variables would be invaluable. when there are conditions applied, a trigger can take up a lot of vertical space because there is quite a bit of spacing between lines. I have a large monitor and can't see more than 5 at a time for my current project.

This is just one of 5 items on the slide. It has been excruciating building this while only being able to see a small portion of the triggers at any one time.

John Morgan

Hi Kriss,

Being able to print a list of your triggers and variables is a great idea for a feature request and others think so too! A feature request has already been submitted for this. This conversation is being linked to that request, so if it makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll make sure to update you in this conversation!

Thanks for reaching out!

Thor Melicher

I have a solution that I created that might be able to help.  All triggers, along with variables and conditions (including Storyline's newest addition, Conditional Trigger Enhancements), are displayed in a spreadsheet.  The solution also handles some other common needs, too.

If you're interested, please private message me or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Thor Melicher

Hi Hillary,

Nice to meet you - I wrote an application that goes through your Storyline course and provides a listing of your triggers by slide and layer in an Excel spreadsheet so you can more readily see what is happening (plus a lot more - I just added a new feature to produce a table of contents for course duration, scene duration, and slide-by-slide duration).  For more details, please send me a private message here or reach out to me on LinkedIn.


Eric Santos

Hello Emma!

Thanks for following up about the request for the ability to print a list of triggers in Storyline 360. It’s not currently on our feature roadmap, but we’ll be sure to update this discussion if our team decides to reroute.

In the meantime, if you would like us to help find the trigger causing the layer to open, we'd be happy to assist! You may share your Storyline file here or privately by sending it along in a support case. We'll delete it when we're done!