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Oct 17, 2014

I have placed a "print this page' button on one of my slides and it looks OK, however, when I test after publishing it doesn't seem to work.  I am currently setting the trigger to execute java script upon a click and entered the following script... window.print()  .  Can someone tell me if there is an issue with this?

I am using Storyline and my audience is primarily using IE9 so that is what I am testing my functionality on.  Anyone aware of an issue or a workaround?

Also, I have an email button on the same page that does not appear to be working.  I can't tell if it's something I programmed or if the issue is IE.  Any ideas?

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Terri Merrill


The information worked great... I had to add the HTML 5 option in my publishing and test it in my web docs launch.  Now both the print option and the email option seem to be working correctly.

Bruce, thanks for the link.  I will take a look.  Every additional item I can use to learn, is just one more opportunity.



Terri Merrill


Now that I have the print function working and the email working, I was trying something a bit more ...

I was hoping to use a java script to fill data into the email from a page in the presentation.  So for example, I have a reference point that adds their name, employee ID and the current date. I had located some forum chats that referenced how this could (or might) be done.  I tried and the javascript didn't work (not surprising since I'm pretty new to JS), however, the Print JS stopped working as well.  Can a slide only have one JS on it, or a Scene have only one JS?

I removed the JS from the email and returned it back to the original state (email trigger) and the print JS worked again.  Can you tell me if the option I am trying to do with a JS for email is:

1. An option

2. Will negatively affect my other JS within the slide/scene.

Thanks for all your assistance!!


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