Print Results doesn't show all quiz questions/responses

Jan 02, 2014


I have imported an existing Quizmaker quiz into Storyline and then published for LMS using SCORM 2004 3rd Edition. 

The quiz has 50 questions in it. I answer the first 40 questions, close the quiz window and then re-launch the quiz in my LMS. Upon launching, the quiz asks if I wish to return to where I left off. I select "Yes". When I reach the final slide in the (now Storyline) quiz, a Print Results button appears (as I would expect). When clicking on the button, I do not see all of the questions in the quiz. I only see the results (and student answers) for the last 10 or so questions. 

Is there a setting that I need to select somewhere to force the "Print Results" button to print the complete list of questions and responses?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim and welcome to Heroes! 

This is a known issue under the following conditions:

  • You completed the quiz and exited the course.
  • You resumed the course and printed your results.

Unfortunately I don't have further information to offer at this time, but we will update the support article when information becomes available. 

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