print screen

hi all, 

I am struggling with a print screen function at present.

I want to include a notes feature in my Storyline 2 course, and have built the relevant JS and triggers to capture and reprint the notes.

Background - users have a "notes" button on each slide, which opens a lightbox slide to allow them to enter notes for that section.  At the end of the course, the user has the option to view all notes, which shows their note per section.  All this works fine.

Problem - to print the screen the standard JS of  window.print(); does not work in firefox or chrome and in IE it gets squashed on the page to be aesthetically displeasing.  Not being available in chrome is not really useful, and I know it's not purely a chrome issue as another course (albeit created in lectora) allow this function.

The lectora course uses the below script, which I have simply copy and pasted into my storyline course, as I am very much a novice with  Javascript I was wondering if anyone can see what i might be doing wrong.

function action110024(fn){


    if(fn && typeof(fn) == 'string' ) eval(fn);

    else if(fn && typeof(fn) == 'function' ) fn();


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