Printing out Trigger details

Sep 13, 2023

Hello Storyline 360 Users!

Been having and helping with some trigger setting issues recently – and wondering if there is an easy way to print the Player Triggers panel details for each page (other than taking screenshots).  A quick print would be great.

Or perhaps, being able to print out the “Triggers” details when I publish my Storyline 360 file to Word.  Thereby, in my Word output, I can see the page snapshot + notes + triggers for each page.  This would greatly help with troubleshooting and with storyboard/content pilot verification.

Any current work arounds to quickly see/print all triggers on each page?

Maybe a feature enhancement request – by adding a “[  ] Show Triggers” under the Publish / Word / Properties section.   (currently under Properties is: “[  ] Show Layers” and “[  ] Show slide notes”)  <see attached sample screenshot>

Thank you!

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