Printing Results Question

Is there any way to customize how print results works? When I did it, it's just showing the questions and answers (I didn't have a score on this one so and haven't tried this before, so I don't know if it would usually include a score).

I'm wondering if there's a way to include variables as well. I created a behavioral analysis course where I added a score to a variable, and then display them on the results screen instead of an actual score.

When testing it out in a class, we realized that they didn't have a way to save their results to be able to discuss in class about what each type is like. If there was a way to customize what the print results screen would include, specifically variables, it would work perfectly.

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David McDonagh

Thanks so much for responding. I tried the first example, but it doesn't appear to be working any more.

As for the 2nd example, I'm having some trouble following along. I even went to someone who knows more about html than me. At least I can get the window to pop up, but the variables didn't come in. I'm usually decent figuring stuff like this out after a while, but this one's really stumping me...