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Aug 31, 2017

I'm using Storyline 360.  I'm editing a video and need to trim off a segment at the end of the video.  I click the Trim button and set my start and end points.  The start and end points and video duration register correctly in the editor.  I click Save.  Storyline shows a message that it's editing the video.  But when I preview the video it is not trimmed where I wanted and the seekbar doesn't show less duration - it has the original length and the video shows white in the extra length.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Ray,

That's definitely strange! Sorry you're running into that- let's get to the bottom of it.

I have a few questions to help narrow down the culprit:

  1. Is this happening in one file in particular, or does it also happen if you open a brand new file and try it out?
  2. Where are you saving your files to? Are they saved directly on your local computer (C:Drive/desktop) or are you working from a network/shared drive?
  3. Does this happen with any video file you try to trim or just the one video? 

Let me know! 😊

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janet.  For a quick test, I trimmed a few seconds from a video in Storyline 3, and while the frame of the video remained on the slide (I didn't shorten the timeline), the video stopped playing where I had made the trim.

It sounds like instead of ending, the video is continuing to play a white frame for the duration of the timeline for you.  Is that right?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathryn,

Is the video still playing through, or the timeline doesn't show the adjustment? As Crystal mentioned, the latter is expected and you can always change the length of the timeline to reflect what you modified.

If you're seeing some unusual behavior with your video could you share a copy of that here with us? 

Daniel King

Hi There, This is my first time video editing in Storyline 360. I have to chunk a 40 minute long video into 4 parts of 10 each. I successfully inserted the video but when I click the video   I don't see any Video tools to edit the video. What am I missing? Also is there a tutorial that walks me on specifically how I can break the video in 4 small parts in story line? It's urgent, so I would appreciate if someone could reply quickly. Thanks a ton.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Manisha! I'm happy to dive in and help.

After adding a video, right-click the video placeholder on the slide and select Edit Video. This will open the video editor window.

  • To trim the video to 10 minutes, click Trim on the ribbon.
  • Draggable markers will appear on the timeline below your video. Drag these markers to the place where you want the video to start and end.
  • When you're finished editing, click Save & Close.

Now you have a 10-minute video clip! Repeat these steps for the next three clips. 

For more on how to edit videos in Storyline, check out this handy tutorial!

Daniel King

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you so much, I could edit the video following this instructions. I am now stuck again and need some urgent help. I have to share my slides with my team member. For now, I followed this path:

  slides> team slides>share project>Add team slides>create a new folder>folder>add

The folder drop down doesn't have any folder in it. How can I add folder?

I still went ahead to publish it. Looks like it did Publish. Where can I find it to share it with my team member?


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Manisha! Check out this tutorial for sharing slides in Team Slides

If you want to create a new folder that’s not in the list, type a name in the Folder field. If you don’t select a folder, your project will appear in the All Projects list in the team slides browser, and you can move it to a folder later.

When you replace an existing project, you can’t select a folder. The project simply remains in its current folder.

And since you asked about sharing your project for feedback, Articulate Review is the perfect tool for the job! Give it a try, and let me know if you have questions along the way. 

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