Problem when reusing variables associated with text fields

Aug 30, 2020

I have two slides, each of which has two text entry fields, signed1 and signed2. The fields are associated with the variables Signed1 and Signed2, respectively. At the start of each slide, the values of the variables are set to ?. Nevertheless, the values of the variables from the first slide seem to bleed through to the second slide, as shown in this screencast.

These slides are simplified for debugging. The actual slides are much more complicated, which is why I use the same variables, rather than having to manually change them everywhere.

Any idea what's happening and how to fix it?



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Walt Hamilton

I may not understand, or I may be doing something wrong, but I don't see values from slide 1 showing up on slide 2, either in the screencast, or when I try it. See the video. Note that on slide 2, I put variable references to track Signed1 and Signed2, and the ? is showing up as part of those variables, followed by the typed text.

What I do see in the video is that the "?" is not replaced when a new value is typed in the text entry box (TEB).  What confuses me is that I can't highlight that ? and replace it until I've typed into the TEB, and I don't think that is what you want for your users.

When you create a TEB, you can type a prompt into it, which disappears as soon as the learner starts typing. however in this case, you are pre-setting the variable with a value, and that value is showing in the TEB, overriding the prompt you typed.

If you will set the variables to (blank), and put the ? in the boxes as a prompt, I think it will solve what I think is the problem.

Now it occurs to me that perhaps you were seeing the same values on slide2, and that is why you reset them to ?, perhaps before the screencast was made. That would actually be expected behavior. Variables were created and are useful, precisely because they do persist. So if you set a variable on slide1, don't change it, and use a TEB attached to that variable, the value will override the prompt and show up in the TEB. Again, the solution is to set the variable to (blank), and let the prompt do its own magic.

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