Problem with image sizing

Aug 22, 2018

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add an image on a scrolling panel and am faced with some difficulties regarding sizing.

Here are some specifics of my set up:

Story size: 2047px (width) x 1920px (height)

Image size of image I'm trying to use:  2047px (width) x 2967px (height)

As the image is bigger than the story size, I was trying to add it into a scrolling panel. I have been able to successfully do this in prior projects. But somehow, every time I import this image and set it to 100%, it's size is NOT the actual 2047px x 2967px, but is 1413px width x 2048px height.

Is that happening because the maximum story size allowed is 2047px? I was hoping that due to the image being in a scrolling panel it would allow me to do this, as the story size is still smaller.

I really would like it to work. We are creating a simulation of a program for training purposes and having it a smaller size will make it so much harder, mainly for the users as the text will be too small making it really hard to read.

I cannot share my project as it contains work related information that I am not allowed to share.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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