Problem with Menu in web published course

Jan 27, 2022


I've published a course to the web and when I open the slide Menu, some of the slide titles are bolded.  When I click on the bolded slide titles, it takes me to the beginning of the training module rather than to that particular slide.

Would you please help?

Many thanks,


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Christine!

I'm happy to help! I understand that you published a Storyline course for Web, and when viewing the course in the web environment, selecting items on the Menu are jumping to the beginning of the module. I'm not sure I've seen this before. Are you using the Classic Player or the Modern Player? 

Do you mind sharing either your .story file or a screenshot of your course setup? This will help me better understand what you've created so far. You can share either of these resources by attaching them to this discussion or uploading them to me directly.