Problem with Storyline Drag and Drop on iPad HMTL5

Aug 23, 2012

Hi all

I have a course which plays perfectly on computer, and mostly perfect when viewed on Safari browser on iPad. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the Freeform Drag and Drop. You can drag the items but they won't stick to the targets.

I have submitted a support case but thought someone else might have experienced this before or might in future, and so wanted to start a thread.  Have you experienced (and fixed) this?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Jacinta!

Thanks for posting. Looks like our support team received your case and weren't able to replicate the issue you described and are still testing it. You should be receiving an email from John soon, asking for more details on your case and how they can go about trying to replicate the behavior. Thanks for your patience

Anders Juul Hansen

I have more or less the same problem now using Articulate Storyline.

I want to test out how and to which extend a course works on iPad.

Therefore I built a course with different kind of features, animations, interactions, and quizzes.

The course is working perfectly on PC (Flash).

The course is working perfectly on iPad using Articulate Mobile Player.

However, the hurdle of going to App Store, logging-in, and downloading the Articulate Mobile Player is a big hurdle and breaking the flow. Therefore I tested it on the iPad outputted as html5 without using the articulate mobile player.

But with this solution it crashes at random times and the regular drag 'n drop free-form interaction is not working. (I cannot drag the items). Funny enough the quiz-type "edit matching drag and drop" is working perfectly.

Will Articulate come with a more stable and working solution for the iPad without using the Articulate Mobile Player, or am I simply forced and obliged to use the articulate mobile player?

Kevin Thorn

Hey Anders,

Glad to hear your project works well on PC and through Articulate Mobile Player. 

Yes, a bit of a hurdle to download the player initially to the iPad, but that's a one time process. Few things to note about the player that offers advantages that just playing through a mobile browser.

  1. Fills the entire viewable area without losing size and real estate due to browser window
  2. Ability to download for offline viewing. This is a great feature for mobile performance support where learner's are not always connected.
  3. Ability to track experiences via TinCanAPI across all access points.

As for HTML5, I may not clearly understand your problem but Storyline HTML5 output cannot play accurately on an iPad. This has nothing to do with Storyline rather the restrictions Apple has on their devices coupled with what the HTML5 standard can and cannot do today. The "Solution Architects" at Articulate came up with a better idea - the Articulate Mobile Player. 

The HTML5 output is for all other Android O/S tablets so the course can play through their respective browsers. 

Hope this helps understand how all this stuff fits together.

Anders Juul Hansen

Hi Kevin.

Thank you for your quick answer. I love this community and support.
Your answer was pretty much what I expected.

Stable and perfect use of Drag and Drop interaction = Use the Articulate Mobile Player.

Bonus-question regarding the use of iPad and Mobile Player:

I am planning to use the combination of Articulate Storyline + iPad + Articulate Online.

I would like to be able to track the users' answers and score. (I normally output to SCORM 2004)

I believe I read somewhere that using the Articulate Mobile Player, it is not possible to track score and users' answers to questions, and it is not possible to play content behind a platform, where a log-in is needed.

Is that true? I guess it will work when using my combo with Articulate Online?

Steve Flowers

Hi, Anders -

As of a couple of weeks ago, the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) has implemented the Experience API (Tin Can API) to enable detailed tracking of scores and other events. It works really well. The bonus is that if someone starts the course in Articulate Online (AO) on the iPad and switches to the desktop, progress is seamlessly maintained.

All tracking on AO is now using the Tin Can API, as far as I know. It's pretty marvelous.

Kevin Thorn

Hey Anders,

I may be stepping into an area I'm not quite as knowledgeable, but I'll give it my best shot.

First, the SCORM standard was not designed to communicate with mobile browsers. v2004 was before the mobile movement we have today. That said, if you have an Articulate Online account I believe working with Articulate Support you can configure your course to track progress via the Articulate Mobile Player.

For all others, the new TinCanAPI is the way to go. You can track learner experiences across all platforms. Plus, keep up with bookmarking. For instance, if you exited a course after page 5 of 10 from a PC and then accessed the course via the iPad, it will remember you're on page 6. 

More info can be found here >

Also here >

Jacinta Penn

Hi guys, my problem cleared up, now works perfectly. I had the funny gliche with the drag and drop, and some audio stuff but after the recent Storyline update, I reloaded the scorm file, and now it works fine, can't recreate the problem.  I use Litmos, and i have found that within Safari you can log in, it tracks progress, shows complete etc. I do need to start experimenting with TinCan though, since Litmos is Tincan approved.

I think there are some limitations to HTML5 but if you know them you can work around them (like don't try to play more than one media at a time, make sure your slides will fit in iPad by changing story size height to 480, don't use flv or swf).  If you keep the learning simple, as I do to run well on a big network and because of my own limitations, then it seems to work well.  I can still use triggers and layers and that makes it interactive enough for me.

Doug Kipta

So I'm confused sorry to pipe in.  Why are we having to use an articulate player.  Isn't this the exact same reason that Flash player was dropped was that companies didn't want to have manage the players and make them more browser dependent.

My gut if we go base on the past is that at some point the player conversation should be decommissioned.  My thoughts. 

Reason why I'm adding that is that your solution seems interim and would be interested to see other thoughts on achieving this.


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