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Garth Yorko

What do you want to happen if they enter an incorrect value?

Your question has no feedback for incorrect responses, pressing the enter key is the same as clicking a submit button.  For questions without feedback it jumps to the next slide, even if incorrect

You need to set a trigger to do something other than advance if the value is not equal to what you want.


Marina Dantas

Oh I see! However, I have other questions with the same settings, and when the user types the incorrect response, nothing happens and they simply can't move forward - which is the expected result.

I thought just setting the triggers and variables would do the trick. 

Looking here and there, I found a solution, but I'm still not sure why it works. In the freeform settings, I've set the attempts number as 'unlimited', and now it won't move forward until the user types the correct response!


In any case, thanks for the help :)