Problem with trigger for 'Visited' state

Feb 27, 2015


I'm hoping somebody can help me out with this as I'm really confused about why my triggers are behaving this way!

I have a menu slide and once the user has accessed each sections, a green tick will appear on it. I have set this up by putting the tick on the shape's visited state and setting up a trigger to change the shape to 'visited' when the user clicks on it to access that section. However, on two of the shapes, the tick appears before the course has advanced to the next slide and I cant work out why these two shapes are behaving differently to the rest.

I have attached the file I am working on and the shapes in question are 'Managing your time' and 'Preparing for stressful situations'. Can anybody see what could be causing this to happen?





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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Sophie

I couldn't replicate the issue. Green tick appears before advancing no matter which button I click. All the triggers seem to be set fine.

Btw. if you insert a predefined button you don't have to add any triggers to change the state of the button to visited - it just happens by itself.

Other option - not showing green tick before advancing, would be to add another true/false variable on every topic slide. If set to true then change the state of the button on the menu to visited.

I'm not sure if it's all clear so I've attached .story file to have a look at. (it's changed for the first topic only).


Alexander Salas

Hi Sophie,

I ran into similar issues before where SL would not "like" me copying slides, shapes or buttons over.  I definitely troubleshot this in a bunch of different ways and the only work around while keeping your buttons is:

Recreate the target slides (I mean recreate from scratch, don't copy and paste, trust me, I tried)

I've attached my sample so you can see it at work.  Joanna's approach is also a great alternative.

Chris Cole

For anyone interested in troubleshooting this, I played around with Sophie's file and figured out that it seems to be related to the Z order of the objects in the timeline on the Menu page. The objects that are lower in the Z order (The "The Daily Commute"  button and the "Your Working Environment" button) show the check mark AFTER navigation to the linked slide happens. For the menu buttons that are higher in the Z order, the check mark shows BEFORE navigation happens. If you move the Daily Commute button up in the Z order a couple of places, then It starts showing the check mark BEFORE navigation, and one of the objects that has now become lower in the Z order shows the check mark AFTER.  The image below (which I think you can click on to see in a larger size?) kinda / sorta explains it.

But that is all I know. WHY it behaves that way, I don't know. And what to do about it? I don't know that either. But maybe this will help someone else dig into it a little further.  

Michaella Roess

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at the file and try and figure out what the problem is!

I have tried to recreate the button itself and tried to copy and paste from the ones that don't have this problem but nothing seems to work.  I think I will try using the true/false variables as suggested by Joanna and Alexander and will see what happens.

Chris - thanks for looking into this further, that's very strange! Hopefully someone can get to the bottom of that but for now I think I will just have a play around with the true/false variables.





Phil Mayor

I think it is to do with preloading, Chris has highlighted the z-order and I expect the preloader looks at z-order to prioritise what is loaded.

As I understand the preloader it first loads the next 2 slides numerically and then looks at links from that slide. I am not sure this helps solve the issue.

I see it on a few recent projects and it just has to be something I live with or I use variables instead to change a custom state on return.

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