Problem with trigger on layers


i dont find an answer to my problem so i beginn a new discussion.

I have a little trigger and layer problem.

I have a basic slide with 3 layer. (Basic layer with information and hotspot, layer with information and marker, 2 „hint“ layer – for every information layer one hint layer)  

How should it work: On the basic layer the user should click on a hotspot. When he dont click the hotspot she should see a „hint“ layer (Text: Please click on the Spot)

When he click on the hotspot the user came to another layer with information. There are some Marker he must click to see information. When he dont click all he see another „hint“ layer (Text: Please click all markers.)

When all is clicked he came to the next slide.

So i made 2 „side complete“ variables, for every information layer one, set on false. They change to right when Hotspot or Markers are visited. And then i made the trigger that the user can only go forward when the variable are right and when variable are false he see the hint layer.  

So most of that all works. Only the second „hint“ layer from the information layer (with the markers) dont want to work. When i create the trigger on the information layer that the hint layer should shown when the variable is false the trigger always jump to the basic slide. And then he wrong hint layer display. (hint layer from the information layer). 

I hope it is understandable. I have attached a screenshot from the triggers. The storyline files are internal information so there are not good to share. ;-) 


Best wishes, 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tanja!

Thanks for including the screenshot of your trigger panels. It looks like you have everything set up correctly, so I'm curious to have a closer look at this slide.

I know you mentioned you cannot share your file because it contains private information. Instead, can you import this slide into a new file? Then, remove all of the text and private information. You can replace it with filler text, if you'd like. The sample slide will help me to get a better idea of your setup.

You can attach the file to a new reply here, or share it with me privately here.  I'll delete the sample slide from my machine after I'm done troubleshooting.

Thanks, and I'll be standing by!

Tanja Gmeiner

Hi Alyssa, 

thanks for your help. :-)

I have import the slide in a new file and remove all private information. Also insert some description. 

In this file it works that the trigger is on the right page, but it dont work. 

When you make a preview the "hint" layer for the second page will not show when you klick on the next button before you have visited all makers.