Problems encountered in Articulate Storyline

Sep 30, 2014


I have a few questions regarding Articulate Storyline with text entry fields. In the sample bellow we applied text entry interaction and copied 5 fields for the user to write in.


The problem is, when you select the correct answer for the text entries, you can only select the answers for a single text entry field that applies to all the fields in the slide.


Is there any way to put a specific correct answer for different text entry fields in the screen?

E.g. The correct answer in field 1 is “les” and in field 2 is “la” and if the user selects “la” in field 1, Articulate will send feedback that it’s correct and in fact it isn’t!




Another problem is that when the user wants to restart the slide in his browser (the button “Refa exercitiul” - restarts the slide to it’s initial state - see bellow), the text fields remain written and the user cannot modify the first field, however the rest of the fields can be modified.

Is there any way for the answers to disappear when the user restarts the slide to it’s initial state?



Also I would like to know if I can open in Articulate 1 version files that have been worked in Articulate 2 version? I’m not sure if they are compatible.

Thank you in advanced for your answers,

Mihai Gagiu

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Mihai

you need to create a custom quiz type. Here's a great thread (and priceless help of Rebecca) how to design this type of interactivity with several text entries on one slide. I tried this and works perfect

If you want user to restart this slide it's better to set the variables to its initial state rather than the slide's state.

As I'm aware you can not open files created in SL2 (if you mean it by Articulate 2) with SL1.

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