Problems with Viewing Modules Offline with AMP


We are starting to get reports from our users that they are downloading modules for use in the AMP and selecting the Available Offline slider. When they want to  view the module offline, sometimes it doesn't work and they have to download it again.

Any suggestions? Building with Storyline 360.






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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lori,

I'm happy to help you investigate! First, is this an issue you've been able to recreate yourself?

Also, do you know what type of tablet the learners were using when they ran into the issue? 

The Articulate Mobile Player is supported in Apple iOS 10 or later on iPad, and in Android OS 4.4 or later.

Lori Nesbit

On one occasion I took my testing iPad home and realized that some of the modules were not actually downloaded , although I had followed the steps properly. (I do not have access to the download site from home so the modules could not stream, as they must have been doing when I was at work.) Since discovering this problem, I have downloaded the modules and turned on Airplane Mode to test and the modules  work, so it appears to be a sporadic problem. The iPads are provided to the audience as part of a pilot program, so we know they are supported by the AMP (i.e., they are iOS 10 or later). We are having tech support go to the site to test.

Have you had other complaints about this?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

That makes sense, as the learner would need to have downloaded the entire course to be able to access it offline. So folks may want to look at ensuring they have ample time to download the course to their iPad and then they shouldn't have any issues once offsite and using airplane mode. 

Let us know if the team spots anything else we can help you look into!