Programatic control of the Notes tab content?

I am now a few days into my 30-day trial of Storyline and am really starting to admire its power and ease of use.

I've created a somewhat complex slide with an interaction in which the learner must rate a hazard on two different 5-point scales. These two ratings scales create a 2D matrix and the intersection point allows learners to assess the risk as either high, medium, or low, depending on the two individual ratings.

After learners rate the risk, they click a button to compare their assessment with that of an expert. At this point, I want the expert to provide some audio feedback that goes into a bit more detail about her rationale for her ratings. I can do this by putting different audio clips on each feedback layer.

However, I have learners for whom English is not their first language, and for those learners, I want to put the transcript of the audio in the Notes tab. My problem is that I have many audio feedback messages spread across my feedback layers, but I only have one Notes tab and can't find a way to programmatically change its contents to match the feedback layer.

Is there a way to update the Notes tab dynamically from within Storyline?

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Mike Enders


That sounds like a really cool idea...but dynamically updating the notes pane isn't something that's a stock SL feature.  Might you add a layer level notes option?  I'm thinking something similar to what Tom and Brian share in this support article.


Steve Flowers

Hi, Ray - 

Unfortunately you can't access the notes tab programmatically. Please submit that as a feature request. I think this would be really handy. In the mean time, if you don't mind creating your own "notes tab" or transcript you can setup a display of trigger controlled notes in your master slide.

See this thread for one example of how this can be done.

Ray Cole

Peter Anderson said:

Hi Ray,

Looks like you've already found the feature request link. Thanks for your input!

Thanks Peter! Yeah, I found the link in another thread, then put in a few requests for features based on what I've learned about Storyline's capabilities so far and what I'm used to doing in my old tool, which was a PowerPoint plug-in like Articulate Presenter.

Not only is Storyline impressing me, but so is this forum and the Articulate community. If only all complex software applications had this level of community engagement!

Kudos to everyone involved!


Ray Cole

john faulkes said:

Hi Ray,

Are you showing results on a 2D matrix graphically? Would love to see the .story file of how you are doing that!


Hi John,

I am showing the matrix graphically, but it is nothing fancy--just a PNG that was already built. (It came to me as part of the source materials for this course). I'm actually not showing the matrix on this particular slide, but by the time we get to this slide in the course, we've already introduced the matrix, so learners have seen it and are familiar with it.

I'm not able to upload the *.story file because our corporate firewall blocks access to virtually all commercial file-hosting sites like dropbox, etc., and the file is too big to attach to a forum post. But again, there's nothing fancy about the graphical representation of the matrix--it's just a 5x5 square with colored cells marked "high," "medium," or "low," depending on the individual ratings along its two axes.