Progress meter adding progress even when user goes back to re-visit past slides

Aug 19, 2019

Hi everyone,

The problem I'm working on is that our users are skipping to the end of our compliance courses. If we restrict or lock the progression of the slides, the users bog down our phones and email system, telling us the course is broken and won't mark them as complete.

To solve this problem, I want the course itself to calculate their progress and make them restart if they haven't viewed enough of the course content. 

I'm trying to build a progress meter for Storyline 3 that my team can copy/paste into every course we build. The meter I built (on the slide master) adds value to a variable when it reaches a certain point on each slide's timeline, and changes the state of the progress meter as the variable increases. When the user gets to the end, if the progress meter is not complete, the last slide tells them they have to go back. 

It works great, except for one problem: The the users can re-visit the same slide over and over to get enough value in the variable to mark the course complete. This is true through both the menu and the PREV button.

I found this really old discussion:

but I can't get the True/False variable to work with the Add Value variable.

Any ideas?  (BTW, I can't show an example because of company policy.)  



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Jerry Beaucaire

This will require you to create a control variable for every slide.  This is cumbersome, but can be set up easily.

For instance, for 10 slides there would be 10 True/False variables

As the timeline nears completion on slide 1 (I add a cue point 1 for where I want things to happen, easy to move the cue point), the trigger would read:
Add 1 to ProgressMeter when timeline reaches cue point 1 if Slide1Done=False

Immediately after that is another trigger:
Change Slide1Done=True when timeline reaches cue point 1.

With this active you should be able to allow them to freely roam the course, they will need to reach the cue point on each slide to get the meter to advance.

This is how I would do (and have done) this task in the past.

Jerry Beaucaire

The method above is the one I've used several times when I needed to utilize a "tally" variable that is counting slides for some reason.   I also use this technique when I build custom drop down navigation menus where I want the menu items that have been previously selected to show as grey each time they click to open the drop down menu.  This means I always need a way to keep track of slide visits outside of the slides themselves.

The method given above has worked for me in several scenarios.

Recently, SL360 added "progress variables and slide numbers" as a fully developed feature, I'm finding I can use this instead to present an onscreen tally of percentage completed or number of slides completed:

Progress:  42%

Progress:  3 completed out of 12

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