Progress Tracker

Mar 06, 2013

I have inserted a Progress Tracker and need to know if a user completes part of the course and then returns later, does the progress tracker start over or does it keep track based on the device used?

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Pamela Thompson-Duke

Thanks for the link! That was helpful! I just set that up. I'll try it again.

I have another question. When I have layered slides, when I enable the Previous button, the layers all show as I go back when previewing. Is this because I am just publishing locally or should I disable the Prev button on layered slides?

Peter Anderson

Hi Pamela

The preview will be a near-identical representation of your published version, so if you don't want the user to go back through every slide layer, then yeah, you'll want to disable the Prev button.

Alternatively, you could build your own navigation buttons with triggers that take your users to whichever slide you'd prefer...