Project setup, storyview flow setup with multiple scenes

Sep 10, 2020

I'm new to Storyline and working on my first project.  Before I get to far into the project I would like to know how to set up different scenes within a project to show the flow as branches from the table of contents etc. So far all I get is one long line of slides coming off my contents. I've attached the project so you can see what I'm coming up with. In the end this project will have around 6-10 scenes, so 6-10 items in the contents.

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Brian Allen

Michel, welcome!

For the first part of your question, I wanted to make sure you know where to find the great online tutorials available for Storyline...

Here's one specifically around using story view and working with scenes...

Let us know if this doesn't address the need you posted about.

Walt Hamilton

You get one long line because each slide defaults to a navigation trigger of Jump to Next slide.

To set it up like you want, FIRST decide (draw a mockup, if necessary) what the flow will be. Then as you create slides, put a navigation trigger on each one to jump to the one that should follow it. With the navigation triggers set correctly, the flow (and story view) will follow on its own.

If you create your own main menu slide, you will find that the slides line up in branches, depending on which slide the follow. You may find you don't even need different scenes.

I created some made-up different sections on your project to show how it could work.

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