Prompt to resume not working in (Large) projects.

Jul 17, 2018

I am unable to get the prompt to resume feature to work. It's published in LMS, SCORN 1.2, Flash/HTML format. Can anyone help?

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Matthew Swift


Has anyone had any joy in getting to the bottom of this issue? I'm experiencing the same issue sporadically. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with when the prompt to resume does and doesn't work.

The majority of issues seem to be from users accessing our LMS using a Microsoft browser. Chrome seems to be problem free for the most.

Kenneth Miller

When I publish to the web it seems to work. It’s when I publish for LMS and put it on our server is when we have trouble.

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Mary Scotts

Hi Leslie

Has there been any resolution on this? I have run into a similar issue (on SCORM Cloud) using SCORM 1.2. The Resume function is not working (it goes back to the wrong screen).

I imagine that this is due to the suspend data limit being exceeded because:

a. It does not happen with SCORM 2004, which has a larger suspend data limit
b. It doesn't happen with smaller courses, where not as much data is being saved to the suspend data

Is there any work around to this? 


Noel Sapp

Just wanted to pop in. I'm not sure if my experience is the same but I found a few things that I wanted to place here in case this helps troubleshooting. Bold text at the bottom hits the highlight if you don't want to read all this.

Preview, Review, and local HTML exports seem to work OK. At least in IE. We just submitted a project for LMS testing and noticed a few random interactions not working correctly. These are basic trigger actions on simple objects to open layers. All interactions were build the same way, yet a handful do not seem to work in LMS testing.

I am using TAB order to move through page content and listening via JAWS.

So I have a slide with a title, body paragraph, and 3 buttons that each open a layer with information. Tabbing through title and paragraph is fine. JAWS reads the content. However, when tabbing to the first button nothing is read. Spacebar activation does not open the layer. It's as if the browser does not recognize the object as a button at all. Same for the remaining two buttons.

That said, another slide with a similar design works fine. Same trigger types, similar application of Alt text and accessible checks. But they work differently in LMS testing.

I then opened the exported HTML file from my local system. Everything seemed fine. I extracted the exported ZIP to then run the HTML thinking maybe it was a compression issue. Everything seemed fine! I then used an online SCORM test to confirm one way or another. And the same slides there were NOT working correctly!!!

Fortunately in the tempshare URL I could see the word "flash" in the line. Hm. I then returned to my local files and tested the FLASH.html version and confirmed that slides are not working as designed in the FLASH.html export.

All this to say that when exporting with the SCORM 1.2, Flash/HTML options (as noted in the OP), it seems as though the Flash version does not act the same as the HTML.

 I'm going to back to my working files to compare a slide that works with one that does not, again, and maybe I can see a difference. But as noted, these were built with the same process. I'm not sure where to go from here.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Noel!

Thanks for stepping in to share these troubleshooting steps! I see that you've started a case for this issue and one of our Support Engineers, Anna, reached out to you. To continue investigating the root of this snag, I encourage you to continue troubleshooting with Anna in the support case,

Please let me know if you did not receive her email. It should've come from

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