Proof of Concept - Need Variable Help!

Sep 16, 2013

I created a bare bones, proof of concept module that will assign learning modules based on how users answer specific questions.  It is working well except for one part.  I would like the user to see a completed state for a module once they have viewed it.  Sounds easy enough, but the variables I am using for the course selection tied to the questions seem to be getting in the way.  Please download the attached .story file, play with it and see what ideas you have.  Thanks, community!

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Jerson  Campos

Hey Jon,

Just took a quick look at your file.  One thing I noticed is that you have conditional triggers to change the buttons to normal, but not for the completed state.  What I think is happening is that the button does get changed to completed, but only briefly. Then when the main menu gets loaded again, all the triggers gets loaded again. So the buttons are being set back to normal and won't be completed until user clicks on them.  

What you could do is add another conditional trigger when the timeline starts. This one will be for the completed state.  Something like this:

when timeline starts change feeding-button to completed, if variable feeding-completed is set to true.  

*** This should be after the normal setting triggers, since storyline completes them in the order they are in.

Then when the user clicks on the normal state button, have it change the feeding-completed variable to true (from false). Just replace the current one where it sets the buttons to completed.

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