Publish Articulate content to SharePoint

Jun 19, 2020

Hello All,

I don't seem to be able to figure out how to publish/share content exported from Articulate on SharePoint. Can you please help?

I have content I received some time ago as a freebie, apparently exported from Articulate 2.7 and I need to host it on a SharePoint site so others can run it. I've read number of older posts related to it but nothing worked (perhaps because those posts were often 5-8 years old and both Articulate and SharePoint have likely different structure and features). I'm attaching the content I need to publish. I tried to copy the whole folder into Documents on our SharePoint site, changed extension to .aspx, changed file names to .aspx within the story.aspx file, nothing worked. So my question is what is a proper way of publishing Articulate story to SharePoint site? Thank you for your help.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Martin: It seems you tried the options I was going to suggest, i.e., changing certain extensions to .aspx. That, by the way, is for the newer SharePoint Online. 

I also publish courses for a client who still has an older SharePoint (sitebuilder2) site. All I do is publish for the web, HTML5-only. Then I move all the files into a SharePoint folder and give out the story.html link. 

I can see that the course you shared was published to include Flash. (That's what all those .swf files are.) It's possible that it won't play because of security settings that block Flash. 

Also, older versions of Storyline published with a story.html file that redirected to play the course in Flash or HTML5. As browsers started to block Flash, I started using the story_html5.html file as the direct link. In other words, I skipped the story.html altogether. That avoided issues related to redirecting. You might try doing that.

Good luck!