Published content in HTML5 for the iPad


We are looking to create a course to run on the iPad.  We would like to have one version which will be published for an LMS, while the other would need to have Javascript triggers to communicate with server side functions.  I have read many conflicting articles as to the reliability of Javascript triggers when published in HTML5 for the iPad.  I guess what I need to know is will Javascipt triggers work well in HTML5 on the iPad or not.


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Paul Dykes

Hi Ashley,

No, I haven't begun development yet.  I just didn't want to go down a certain path if it's not going to work.  I know that JavaScript is not supported for the mobile player for the iPad.  So, we were hoping they would work for if we publish to HTML5 and run it thru Safari on the iPad.  From what you're telling me, they should work?  We are newbies to Storyline and are just trying to wrap our heads around it!

Thank you very much.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Yes, as a general answer the Javascript should work - although if there is something not working as expected I'd suggest sharing that here in the forums so that our community can take a look (as I'm not a Javascript expert by any means!). There are also some great articles here on optimizing content for HTML5 delivery that I'd suggest reviewing before starting out with your project, as I'm sure you know HTML5 is still not a fully developed standard.