Published course package in Articulate Storyline

Assume that while creating a course in storyline, i include various types of media assets, such as images, pictures , diagrams, graphics, audio , video , etc. and publish the course. Now, will the published course package store these media assets in one of the sub folders ? In short, i wanted to check whether i can extract the media assets used in the course from the published course package? Thanking you.

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David Schwartz

Hi Angad,

The files are all there in the folders, but with the exception of any external files like PDFs, they will be renamed. And in the case of audio and video, the size and quality will be based on settings when the Storyline file was published, so not necessarily the same size and quality as the original files that were used in creating the course.

I have occasionally used this to extract a video or external document from a course that I did not create, and whose originals I could not find.