Published output lag + loading times (+ freezing)

Dec 09, 2015


We have a course module which consists of 6 units, each containing:

-an Intro slide with a 10-15s video, no interactions

-a 15-20m screencast with interactions that pause the video and reveal a layer containing 20+ hoverable markers with text (about 2 per screencast)

-a multi-layer slide with text and some images

-a quiz with it's own results slide, leading back to a Home screen

At this stage of testing, after we got custom tracking down, we would like to focus on online performance. A lot of times, when viewing through an LMS, the player would either lag, or become completely unresponsive. The main issues that cause this are seeking in the video-based slides, and use of the Next/Prev buttons.

I realize that the less triggers/objects/media there are, the faster a course will load and respond, and also that lower quality files produce better performance, but keep in mind this is an audio production course, and we can't go full low quality.

I did hear about someone who created a flash pre-loader for Presenter projects, but I'm not sure whether or not it could be relevant to Storyline-based courses.

Any input on the subject would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Erez -- May I also ask which browser you have been using when testing in your LMS or are you are seeing the same behavior when testing your course with a variety of browsers? If issues persist and you have already contacted your LMS to rule out any issues that may be taking place on their end, you would be welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers for additional assistance using this form. :)

Erez Goren

Hi, Christie,

I've been testing the published outs through our LMS on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome,

In addition, mobile (iPad mini 2 & iPhone 6s) was done, both through the LMS on Safari, Google Chrome, or the Articulate Mobile Player, and also a web-published version for iPads that can be downloaded for offline use (links through dropbox and plays through the AMP). Same behavior across all platforms, and it always happens at different points in time.

Christie Pollick

Thanks for the follow up info, Erez, and yeah -- I think at this stage, you may be best served to work with our Engineers, so that they are able to delve more deeply into the issue you may be having. If you'd like, you can share your file here and I would be happy to create/submit a support case on your behalf, or you are welcome to use this form to reach out directly. I plan to follow along with the progress being made on your case so I can share any updates for others who may encounter a similar problem. :)

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