Published Story to HTML Missing Index File

When attempting to insert my story as a web object, I received an error stating that the folder was missing an index.html or index.htm file. I've reviewed this article: and it specifically says that "There must be a file called index.htm or index.html in the folder you select, and all supporting files for the web content to function must be in the same folder."

I also attempted to publish to LMS, and when I upload the SCORM package to my LMS, I am receiving the same error.

The problem is that the published story from Storyline doesn't have any such file; is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Mike DiFonzo


Are you trying to insert a web object into your SL project? Insert object is for adding an online web page or an offline webpage (that's when you would need to browse for the index.html file).

Or are you trying to insert another published SL project into a current SL project? If so, you can publish as a Web and then rename the file named story.html (or something like storyhtml5.html). Both files are actually the "index" files but SL just uses a different name. When you click on it, it will launch the published project.

You can now go back into your SL project to Insert Web Object and browse to this folder. Click Test link and it will launch the renamed index file.

 If you publish to SCORM, I do not change any files since that may degrade the integrity of the SCORM.

I'm a little confused to what you are trying to do because you mention uploading the published SCORM to your LMS. If you are just trying to get your SL project to work in your LMS and you don't have a SCORM quiz in your project, you can publish as Web, zip the folder, import into LMS. Your LMS should have an option to point to the starting file for the course (point it to story.html or the storyhtml5.html).