Published Storyline Outputting Results before Assessment Completed??

Hi All,

I have been building multiple courses, which contain multiple quizzes, however, we have recently noticed when completing the course on our Learning Management System, that 100% score is outputted before the assessment is fully completed.

For example, a quiz of 10 question with 80% pass rate. If a user answers 4 questions correctly and then accidentally closes the course, a score of 100% is outputted from the course.

The course(s) use 3 results slides:

  • 2 results slide ( 1 per quiz)
  • 1 final results slide (used to track the score from both quizzes, currently set up as "Combine points from each quiz"

Would anyone be able to help advise how best to fix/stop this from happening?

Much appreciated


EDIT: I forgot to mention when I first posted this, that the quizzes do not use Question Banks, and use a variable technique found here:

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Dave Cox

You are correct. It appears that without the exit trigger, the score in the lms updates correctly. With the exit trigger added, it doesn't. It appears that with the exit trigger on the timeline, the last line of the javascript never runs. 

Try adding another slide with no content, and add the exit trigger at the beginning of the new timeline. This should remove the conflict.


Dave Cox

Hi Thomas,

I did some more testing. When you select the exit course trigger, Storyline sends its score to the LMS again, effectively overwriting the value you just set. Since the Exit trigger closes the course, you can't set it again after the exit trigger runs.

I've found that the Exit course trigger doesn't always work reliably, depending on the browser, the browser's security settings, the phase of the moon, the position of the stars, etc. Therefore, instead of using the exit trigger, I just add a comment on the last slide that I present that course if finished and the user can close their browser. This way I don't get people complaining that the course didn't finish correctly. In addition, it doesn't send the score again. This may be the way you will need to go.

Dave Cox

hmmm. I just went through it again, and I'm not seeing that. I just did test one, with all answers correct and it scored 100 out of 100. I only tested test 1 though.

To catch where the problem might be, try this, add text box to each slide with "Current Score = %CurrentScore%". 

This should show the current value of your score as you enter each slide. Be sure to add it to your results slide as well, as this updates as you leave each slide (Remember the trigger is on the correct layer.)

Kelly Waldron

I built a course in Storyline 2 that allows a user to choose the path based on the type of driver they are. If they are an occasional driver - they get 1 quiz and if they are a regular driver they receive a little more information and then a different quiz than the occasional driver.

My problem is, how do I make our LMS track the completion and passing of the course since there are 2 results page.

Few things:

* Learners only have to take 1 quiz

* Both quizzes have the same number of questions
Thanks so much for your help


Dave Cox

Hi Kelly, 

This is the same issue that we had to solve for multi-language support. One course, two audiences, and two tests. The issue is the two tests. Storyline doesn't have a way to select which results slide to send at runtime. My solution is to collect the test scores in a variable, (I used cuurentScore) and then send the correct score to the LMS when the test is complete and the final results page. I've modified your sample course with the necessary code for you to take a look at.

I also organized your slides into scenes for the different sections. This makes it easier to follow the course flow, and to maintain the content. You can see how the paths diverge, and then come back together in the flow line.

Story Flow

Of course, this isn't the only way you can do this. If I have shared slides with only slight changes, I will often build a slide that is for both flow lines, and use layers where the differ, as needed, and then put the slide in a common flow line.

The code to submit the scores modified scores is in a javascript trigger in the last scene. This will override the default values that Storyline sends. Be sure that you don't add an exit trigger to the project, as that we cause Storyline to send its values again, overwriting your values. Since we are sending these codes on the final completion slide, Storyline will set the completion status for you.