Published Storyline project won't open - stuck at loading screen

Sep 21, 2018

Hi all,

I have a Story with a lot of screen record content, making it quite large.

So far I have tried:

  • Publishing to "CD" to publish and open locally
  • Publishing for LMS and uploading to tempsahre
  • Publishing for LMS and uploading to SCORMCloud
  • Publishing for LMS and uploading to my own LMS system

The file was too large to be uploaded to SCORMCloud on a trial account (it is large that 100MB when zipped).

For all the other formats when I try to launch the course it remains stuck on the loading screen (see attached) well, forever as far as I can tell! I've had one window loading here for 10 minutes and no joy.

Is there a limit to how large a story can be in order to work?

Will I have to chop my course into several smaller courses in order to work?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michelle! 

We don't have any official guidelines for file size limits, but this thread has some recommendations that I think you'll find useful. 

I would also encourage you to out this thread regarding Best Practices for Lengthy Courses. You'll find lots of good advice there from some really great folks!

You're welcome to share your file with our team, and we'll test it on our SCORM Cloud account. Since you're working with a large file size, I'd suggest hosting it on Google Drive or Dropbox and sharing the download link with our team here. 

Michelle M

Hi all,

I have since - and eventually! - determined that there was another error in my story, whereby at one stage a draw from a question bank had been inserted, but in the rules for that draw I had inadvertently set all questions to "Never [be drawn]", which caused the story to basically get into a complete state of confusion when it tried to play the story.

I have not yet tried reloading the large story to my LMS, as while trying to resolve this problem I ended up chopping it into smaller modules anyway. It was through this chopping up that the true root cause was eventually isolated.

Thanks for your response all the same Alyssa, I appreciate it.

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