Published Videos are blurry - storyline 360

Apr 05, 2018

Hi all,

I have SL 360 and have recorded a few screens and even inserted a Peek recording into my SL file and when previewing - the quality if fine but every time I publish - the quality is very poor. the image is blurry. I  have resized the recording screen and changed the quality settings but every time it is blurry. I have also published to web and still the same. Any advice? See image attached.



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Bailey Kirbach

I am experiencing a similar issue.  I had original created screen recordings using Storyline, but they were blurry.  I tried using camtasia and inserting .mp4 files into storyline.  They looked fine until I published and then they were blurry.  I've tried publishing to a youtube page and inserting the video using the embed code, but still blurry.  The story size is 720x405.  The .mp4 file is very clear when played outside of storyline, and was recorded in 1920x1080.


I've attached a copy of the storyline file.  The Log In, Calendar, and Plan Your Learning Event screens were created by inserting the .mp4 file.  The web booking screen was created by embedding a youtube link.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bailey!

Let's first tackle the MP4 videos inserted directly in Storyline. Those videos were recorded at a dimension more than twice the size of the Storyline slide. This means that the video had to shrink quite a bit to fit on the slide itself, which causes a loss in quality. We recommend using a Storyline slide size that is close to the size of the video so the video doesn't have to scale down to fit. You can read more about our recommendations for using high quality video here

Regarding the embedded YouTube video, I'm scratching my head as to why that one looks blurry. I'd like to have our Support Engineers take a closer look. I've shared your file with them, and you'll hear back soon!

Jill Sprinkle

I'm experiencing this very issue.  I've done tons of screen recordings in the past without any issue using the same settings and now all of a sudden, BAM!!  I used a third-party recording tool that saves in them in mp4 format and have always been able to import them into my slide without an issue.  Today all of them are blurry even though when I play them outside of Storyline, they are perfectly clear.  I've changed the screen recording size, the browser's resolution, I've changed browsers, I've even recorded with replay and the Articulate screen recording tools.  Every single one of them is blurry when previewing and when published web.  Attached are a few examples.