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Jul 20, 2016

Here's a question. I've created a project in Storyline 2 and am ready to publish it to Articulate Online service. This project is for a client. The client is the one that uses Articulate online subscription.

It should be as easy as her putting in the URL, email address, and password. She says she's an administrator and has been uploading different projects directly. She's able to login through a web browser and manage the projects if need be. She only has Presenter and Engage on her computer. So, she only has published projects directly to the online service through those programs.

My question is, if she doesn't actually own Storyline 2, can I still publish a project to her subscription service? Storyline 2 does NOT give me the option of saving it to Presenter or Engage (for obvious reasons). Right now, I get an error every time I try uploading this to her service. It might be because there is a firewall at work preventing me from doing so.

If this is the case, is there a way of saving a Storyline 2 project to an offline version so it can be uploaded later? I never use Articulate Online service.

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Ali Goulet

Hi David,

Welcome to Heroes, thanks for reaching out to us here! Since you're working directly from Storyline 2, you should still be able to publish to her Articulate Online account despite her not having Storyline. Would you be able to share a screenshot of the error that you're seeing when you try to upload it directly from Storyline 2 with her credentials? Firewall can definitely come in to play at times, if that's the case you could also try publishing for manual upload and then manually uploading to Articulate Online.

Keep in mind that with this option, you would need to physically sign into her Articulate Online account to change settings. If she isn't comfortable with that, you could also send her the zipped published output after following the publishing for manual upload instructions, and she should be able to manually upload it to Articulate Online (starting from Step 3 in the manually uploading to Articulate Online tutorial) from her end despite not having Storyline 2 installed.

David Chronister

I think it's a firewall issue. Although she's able to log in to Articulate online from her web browser, she can't publish anything directly to the account.


I take it when you mean change settings on the web browser version of Articulate online, you're referring to the ability to accept other package outputs from Articulate?

Crystal Horn

Hey there David!  You ought to be able to upload any Articulate content into Articulate Online.  The Articulate Online account doesn't know which licenses you have.

But you will want to go into the Articulate Online settings to allow for manual upload to get around that firewall.

manual upload

You'll see the link to instructions for uploading manually there, as well!

David Chronister

That's great! Thanks for letting me know about all this. I think I understand how this works. I will talk to the third party and mention that they will have to change the settings in Articulate online. From there, I'll upload the zipped SCORM version of the project to Box/Dropbox. That should be it on my end. Appreciate all the help everyone! 

Ali Goulet

Hi David- Glad you found everything helpful! If your client is planning to manually upload the package you're sending her to Articulate Online, please be sure to follow these steps so that the compressed package you're sending will be compatible for her:

  1. In Articulate Storyline, go to the File tab on the ribbon and click Storyline Options.
  2. Mark the box to Enable publishing for manual upload to Articulate Online and click OK.
  3. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click Publish.
  4. Choose the Articulate Online publishing option.
  5. Under Account Information, select <Publish Locally> from the Account URL drop-down.
  6. Click the ellipsis (...) button beside Local Folder, select a folder on your hard drive, then click Publish.
  7. When you see the Publish Successful window, click Open Folder to view the folder containing your compressed file, which you can send her way! :) 

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