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Jun 07, 2013

Ok...I can't figure out what the heck I am doing wrong. I am new to publishing Storyline content online and I am getting a big fat headache. Our LMS is a burden...I've had success publishing to it, but the approvals for people to view my simple tutorials make it worthless to publish small presentations to the LMS. So...I thought I would find a way to make my presentations viewable online in a simple and easy way, without connecting to our local intranet. I found S3, made a bucket, uploaded the published story.html...but nothing. I published all the files directly to my work computer desktop, not on the network (I read about, and experience, those issues). What am I doing wrong with the S3 interface. It's set to public, open/download and view permissions, so I don't think that is the issue. I can view it locally from the folder on my desktop just fine, but upload to S3 and NOTHING. I hade my wife try to use our home computer to view it (just in case it is a work network issue with MIME types, etc..) still nothing. It shows the title in the upper left corner, but no content. Sorry for the rant and thanks in advance for any help.

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Mike Taylor

Here is a post on how to share courses via S3

That post is for Articulate presenter but it works the same way, except for the launch URLs you'll use story.html instead of player.html

Another thing that I've found helpful is the Cloudberry app to move files.

Ben Gianacakos

I feel like a dope, but I am still having no success. That tutorial does not really tell me anything I already have not done. The version of S3 has updated from then so I am using the internal aplod controls to upload files into my bucket and separate folder within that bucket. I am setting everything to public and setting permission to open/view. I still attempt to launch with story.html and get nothing. I am getting extremely frustrated with this given that I can launch story.html on my desktop, but upload to S3 and boom, nothing happens.

Ben Gianacakos

I have all of the files from the output loaded into the S3 bucket. I can open every single one indepentdently and the look as they should. I can open the video and it will play (in windows media player), but the whole presentation (stroy.html) will do literally nothing. Please someone help me with what I am doing wrong. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

Rebekah Massmann

Can I post a follow-up question here?

From the comments section I see this caveat: “As far as I can see we there is no way to host on S3 without revealing all to the world.”

Does this mean the content is publically searchable and available on the web? What I’m looking for is a place to host flash content (like published Articulate files) where I can put a URL into our LMS that will open the content. However, I only want it to be available to someone with the link. Is that possible?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebekah,

I don't know enough about S3 to say for certain, but reading the FAQ section on Amazon S3 it looks like the information is secure and can be encrypted. You may also want to look at using Dropbox, as that will allow only those people who have the link access to it. 

Are you unable to load the files directly into your LMS? 

Rebekah Massmann

Thanks for the replies.

The storage situation with the LMS is not ideal and it's a bit of a long story, but the short answer is no, the LMS is not hosting the content.

I think S3 is going to work for us, although I don't see how I can control access if I don't want to make someone log in to view content. I still have to do some more research though.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laetitia,

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not certain where Rebekah's issue with S3 stands, but you may want to reach out to her directly using the "contact me" button on her proifle to see if she can share more information on how she resolved this behavior. Additionally, have you reached out to Amazon regarding the issue you're having with storage there? Or if that's not what you're referring to can you share a bit more information? 

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