Publishing problem with Storyline 2

Mar 16, 2015

I created and published a course with Storyline 1. After updating to Storyline 2 I am unable to successfully publish the same course. However I am able to published other courses I've created after the update but not this one. The course is located on my local hard drive. I'm using the latest version of the software. I re-installed the software and restarted my CPU.

I gave the file to another team member to see if they could publish it successfully from their CPU and they were successful. I noticed that you can see the particular pages being processes on their computer as it publishes but not on mine. I'm attaching the error report. Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Terry, 

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've had with publishing. What happens when you try publishing this one course - does Storyline freeze and you have to force close it? Does it crash? Does it act like it's publishing and then nothing happens? Since it seems to only happen for you on this one file, but not for others using the same file, I'd have you look into importing the course into a new project as described here, confirm that the file is saved locally and that you're publishing to a local drive and if the behavior persists I'd look at conducting the repair. 

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