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Ruth McElhone

Hi Adriaan,

If you are emailing a published zip file, it's always good to make sure the recipient saves the zip file and then extracts it.

They should be able to view it in a browser window by clicking on the browser icon in the files.

However a much better way is to use tempshare. You can upload your zip file and it provides you with a weblink to access your course..for about 10 days for free.

'Tempshare generates a non-guessable URL to your project that you can then access from your device.'

Peter Anderson

Adriaan Coetzee said:


I want to publish a few test slides and sen it to my client to see if they are happy with it. When I publish I save to Winzip but when trying to open it, it comes up with an error. How and in which format can I save it and e-mail it to my client?

Hi Adriaan,

Here's an invaluable article on publishing and sharing your projects. Hope it helps, and welcome to the community