Publishing to Moodle for the first time

Apr 01, 2014

Greetings community!  I just joined, what wonderful group.  I'm working with Godaddy to get Moodle setup on my server.  They currently have a very old 1.9 version available.  Once they help me upgrade can anyone direct me to a resource for uploading from storyline.  e.g., what is the path syntax, etc.? How do I locate the correct directories to place my project folders, etc.  Thanks very much!  VJ

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi VJ and welcome to Heroes!

Once you get set up, you'll want to follow the steps here to publish for LMS and then you'll see the following options to share or upload your files:

  • Email: This opens up a new email message with a zipped file of your published output attached. This might be helpful if your LMS administrator will upload your course for you, and you need to send him or her the published output for upload.
  • FTP: This pops up a window where you can enter your FTP credentials and transfer your output to a website (which isn't something you'd typically do if you've published for LMS).
  • ZIP: This creates a zipped file of your output in the location you specified on the Publish window. For LMS users, this is the most common choice, because then you can easily upload your entire zipped course to your LMS.
  • Open Folder: This opens a file viewer where you can see the files Storyline just created. There will be several folders and files which are needed to play your course. If your LMS requires that you identify a single launch file once you've uploaded your content, the file to point to is index_lms.html.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

You should probably be good on version 2.6 for a bit, and I don't know how often Moodle releases updates, but it's also worth keeping on eye on their pages as I know that bugs are documented there by other Moodle users so that you could quickly see if something you ran into would be solved by a newer version of Moodle. 

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