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Jun 05, 2012

Is it possible to publish an Articulate Storyline course to a video file?

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Julie B.

I noticed this

you can import or record a video, open the fine tuning, right click on the video, select export movie

and you will have a MP4 movie export of your file....

however then it is not totally answering my needs I need to keep my text captions I prepared for the View mode...and when exporting I lose all of them....

Does this mean I will have to stick to Camtasia or Captivate to publish my MP4 view or test mode videos?

any help on this?

Thank you!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Julie, you didn't mention what your needs are in this particular case so it is hard to give you a specific answer, but the video format (mp4) does not retain the captions so if you plan to record within Storyline and then export to use someplace else, you will not have captions. In this case it might be best to use something like Camtasia (one of my favourite tools by the way) from the get go. If you plan on using the video within storyline, you could first create a step-by-step interaction with captions and then go to the insert/record screen option and select to insert that step-by-step recording as a video.

The video will no longer have the captions, but you could then cut and paste the captions from the step-by-step recording onto the video.

You will have to fiddle with their position on the timeline to get it right but this will give you a video with captions. (still can't export this though).

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