Pulling a Variable into SCORM Output

I'm creating a series of professional development modules that will be deployed via Blackboard LEARN. I am wondering if there is a way to have the value of a given variable display in the quizzing results associated with the quiz (not necessarily as part of a quiz). For example, if I have a given variable, and over the course of the module that variable has accrued the value 10, is there a way to have that value spit out for me when I view the results of a user's attempt at the module? I have a feeling there might be a way to do this using a quiz question, but it's important to me that students don't have to go through any additional steps so it would have to be submitted automatically with triggers.

Any clever ideas?

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Victoria Nap


Thanks for your help. The issue I'm running into is that the value I want to collect is a number. Using this method, I only have the option of setting the TextEntry variable to the same value as another text-based variable. Any idea how I can convert my number variable to text?