Pulling Data from LMS

May 19, 2023

I'm working on a course where I'm using sliders and asking the learner to use the slider to rate their level of confidence. I would like to pull data from this. Is it possible to pull data from how someone interacts with sliders? 


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Judy Nollet

When you create a slider, Storyline automatically creates a number variable to store its value. The value of a variable is available from any slide in the project.

If you want to collect that value and send it to your LMS, you could use JavaScript or another third-party solution.

If you want to stick with just Storyline, you could put the value into a Survey question.

  • For example, you could put the slider interaction on a Survey short-answer question.
  • Hide the entry field from the user (e.g., cover it up or move it off the slide).
  • Use a trigger to put the value of the slider variable into that entry field.
  • Then you'll also need to add a Survey Results slide, because that's what tells the program to send the info in the entry field to the LMS.

Or, if that seems too much, I suggest you simply rethink the interaction and use a Survey Likert-scale slide instead. (That will also require a Survey Results slide.)

Justin Collinge

Hi there Rhona
So far it's worked fine with the LMS's I've used. Though I have been warned that some LMS's don't like sending data out of their system. I have mostly used this to collate survey data from clients. And I've hosted the Storyline survey on my own website & provided the client with a direct link to it - an LMS would just get in the way!

As for pulling the data, it's done using javascript (which I don't understand! 😲) supplied by ClueLabs , which simply sends data to a Google Sheet. 
It took a bit of fiddling with to get working initially but now it's reasonably easy, seamless & inexpensive to me (I don't have huge numbers of people using it).

Good luck!