Purchasing character pack no longer available?

I understand from this site that character packs are no longer available for any perpetual licence product, which I find really disappointing. With no intention to move to Articulate 360 (as the subscription model does not work for us as a business, and I just want Storyline) are there any other alternatives? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deborah,

Great question! Can you tell me more about which product you're using? If you're using Storyline 2 and you need a link to download a character bundle you previously purchased, just connect with us by clicking here, and we'll send you what you need. 

Storyline 3 comes with a wide variety of photographic and illustrated characters, so you won't need a separate character pack installation.




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

Storyline 3 comes with 40 classic-illustrated characters and one photographic character (Atsumi). And if you purchased character packs or bundles in the past, those characters will also work with Storyline 3. 

The illustrated (modern) characters and the new photographic characters are a feature of Content Library and Articulate 360. Have you done a trial of Articulate 360? You could see the expanding library of more than 100,000 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses, check out all the other features such as Review, Rise, and the latest version of Storyline. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rebekah, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you need for your project.

You can always insert images that you have and use them within your project. You will not be able to add them to your character library within the software.

It sounds like you may not have your hands on the right assets though, so I look forward to hearing where others in the community prefer to purchase these.