put text written in Notes area automatically

Jun 25, 2020


Would you let me ask this?


on Storyline 3, Can I put text written in Notes area onto contents automatically?

What I am imagining is;
if Storyline 3 has a reserved variable that I can retrieve text data written in Notes area, I can put the text onto contents automatically, putting the reserved variable there.


Thank you very much for your help!

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Katie Riggio

Hello Takeyoshi,

Thank you for reaching out!

I'm not aware of a way to populate text into the Notes panel other than importing a PowerPoint or another Storyline project that has slide notes. Those notes will also get imported into the new project.

Can you share more about what you have in mind and where the text will come from? With more insight, I'll try to point you in the right direction! 

Takeyoshi Nakajima

Hello Katie,

Thank you for your reply.
I will write the situation more specifically.

  • I put voice over script text onto Notes area when making the contents that contains voice over.
  • I usually make the contents in English.
  • I am planning to translate the contents without replacing voice over in the target language.
  • as for the voice over, it is hard to re-record so my idea is to translate the voice over script put in Notes area only. so the target of the translation is going to be text only. it is really easier to put into practice.
  • in that case, text in Notes area (translated voice over script) is the only information that learners can understand the voice over.
  • The Notes area is too narrow for the voice over script. So I am planning now to put the translated voice over text onto the slide, putting rectangle onto slide and put the translated voice over text in it.
  • I can put the text into rectangles typing manually. but it is more efficient if I can retrieve the text data put in Notes area, putting reserved variables into the rectangle.
  • That way, I can process the translation with translation export / import function (export / import Microsoft Word document dedicated for translation) with help of my colleagues, native speaker of the target language.


now is the background of my question clear?

So would you let me know if Articulate Storyline has such function, reserved variables or some other functions can be used for my purpose?

Best regards,
Takeyoshi Nakajima

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