Putting the same glossary into multiple scenes

Oct 18, 2012


I have built my first glossary, then saved the player and merrily went along and placed that player into all the projects (edited), however on checking, the players format is there, but no glossary!

Is there any way to import this glossary into multiple scenes or am I going to have to do it individually?

Many thanks.


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Monica Jackson

I know this is an old thread. I was searching to see if there is a way to format the glossary and saw this thread. In case anyone is still looking for a solution, I am sharing my approach.

When you import a glossary using the Storyline player, it should be available to all scenes in the project.

I create terms in an Excel spreadsheet using two columns - one for the terms and the other for the corresponding definition. I save the spreadsheet.  I also save the Excel file as a .csv file, then import the .csv file into Storyline. 

The .csv file can be imported into any Storyline file. I import only to maintain the integrity of the glossary in one file outside of Storyline. This eliminates the need to export the glossary from Storyline. 

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