Query about options for people who have failed a course

Dec 03, 2021

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to get some thoughts on what people generally do when users fail their final assessment in their e-learning:

We have designed a course that has 9 sections within.  Each module is locked until the user completes the previous section.

Only when a user has completed all the sections do the final assessment/knowledge check become available.  I've set the final assessment up so that a user can only retry the quiz twice (before the retry button disappears).

We've been trying to decide what the best option would be for someone who fails the quiz twice.

Option 1:  Should we make the user go through all the sections again (therefore locking the sections) before they can access the final quiz

Option 2:  Should we leave the sections unlocked simply allowing users to pick and choose which sections they revisit before doing the final quiz again?

Would be keen to hear the thoughts/general rules that people apply to see what works best!!

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