Question about presenter panel in Storyline before purchasing


I want to create a course that looks just like an Articulate '09 course, with a logo, presenter panel (video), and menu on the left hand side.  I want to time the bullet points on the "slide" to come in when the presenter in the video presenter panel speaks about them.  Is this possible in Storyline?  

I love how flexible Storyline sounds, but I also LOVE the presenter panel/menu in '09.  Is it possible?  If so, does anyone have an html sample of this that I can see before I decide to purchase Storyline?

Thank you!

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Brooke

Daniel's right - there's no built-in presenter panel in Storyline, but what's so great about Storyline, is that there are so many ways to accomplish the things that you want. 

For example, here's an older thread with some members discussing ways to build a custom presenter panel. 

Hope it helps!