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Jan 24, 2013

I'm new to Storyline and learning it from tutorials, the blogs, and trial and error.  I've used Captivate, Articulate (when it was just Articulate), Authorware, and even Flash.  So, I'm not a total novice... but a novice all the same.

I've working on my first project and trying out as many different things as I can to get a feel for them.  I have a question that may seem really dumb (it won't be my last  and certainly isn't my first):

I'm creating my story just with slides.  When I see examples, I see sections.  Why are sections, seemingly, preferred?

I'm hoping that it's because it's easier to test interactions and transitions (you don't have to go through the whole thing) and that it's easier to find what you want (the slides are getting teeny tiny).

Will someone please enlighten me?

Thank you 

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Alan Landers

Hi Rebecca,  Thank you for the resource.  It was helpful.  Gotcha on the scenes and layers... I know what they are.  I saw a couple of demos with sections.  I was just wondering about them and what they are.  Maybe I'm mistaken and they were scenes.

Here's another question... I have about 30 slides some with layers.  If I create scenes in ths story, can I move groups of slides into them?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alan,

Totally could have been sections and I'm not knowing of it. So, if I misled, as I said, hopefully someone will jump in.

Shouldn't be a problem. If you go into Story view you can select the slides you want to move and cut/paste or even drag/drop.

Like many programs, SL allows you to use keyboard Shortcut CTRL+Click to select nonconsecutive (noncontiguous) slides or Shift+Click to select secutive (contiguous) slides.

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