Question about using a variable as a scoring mechanism

Jul 30, 2014

Hi. I haven't downloaded Storyline yet, but I will very soon. I'm trying to plan my project first.

I have a question about using a numerical variable as a scoring mechanism.

For my project, I'm thinking of creating a variable called "score." On each slide, there will be a text box containing the variable so that the variable is displayed to the learner on each slide. Depending on what the learner does on each slide (what the learner clicks on), the variable will be increased or decreased.

My questions are: when the variable is changed, will the text box containing the variable also immediately change? Or will that text box need to be refreshed somehow?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi D,

I thought it may also help to point out there are a number of tutorials here on working with variables. Depending on your triggers and how things are set up will determine when and how the variable is adjusted. For example if you have a text entry that will be used later as a variable reference - the value of that variable won't be updated until the text entry "control loses focus" as you'll see listed in the triggers. What this means is essentially once the user is done typing and clicks outside the text box or on the next/submit button, then the value is set. If both these elements were on the same slide you would not see the variable reference updating in real time.

Hope that helps!

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