Question bank draw ignores Drag&Drop option "Delay item drop states..."

So I've made my custom D&D interaction, which uses "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted", and everything is fine until I put that question in question bank (inside question bank it's ok) and then draw that question from question bank - in that moment, Storyline (SL3) starts to ignore that rule and doesn't change my object state to Drop Correct od Drop Incorrect.

It's important for me, because I have D&D interaction with mutliple possible drop areas (so you can put good, good2 and good3 in any drop state and the answer would be correct).

There's trapezoidal indicator, which changes state (different color) to tell, if objects changed their states. As a normal slide, everything works fine. When drawed - it doesn't change its color. Therefore, state is not changed to drop correct (od drop incorrect).

Unforunately, it's the only way, in which rule 'allow only one drag item in drop target' changes the object "drop correct" state back to "normal" if you try to put another item in that drop target.

Workarounds doesn't work, because the automatic 'return' of that additional drag item (when another one is dropped in it's place) for storyline 'stays' in the same position, even if on screen it's changed. If you pick one more time the returned drag item, it position changes to the actual one.

For example invisible moving object, which changes some object state when it intersects with it, doesn't work, because 'remembered position' of previous dragged item.

Does anyone have idea how to make that work?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mateusz!

Thank you for including your file! I see that everything works as expected on the first slide but not in the question bank!

Since it is the same question on both, this is why the question bank slide isn't activating the trapezoid. 

Is there a way that you can import a duplicate to the question bank instead?