Question Bank questions be exported / imported into Moodle LMS ?

Jul 02, 2014

Can StoryLine Question Bank questions be exported / imported into Moodle LMS ?

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David H

Ahh ok thanks Ashley. What about the other way around. Can StoryLine import questions data in some format? One of our staff has a lot of questions in Moodle Qestion Bank and we are also looking at how easily the transfer of data can be to get the data into the SCORM package generation tool like StoryLine etc..., so it can then be run back in Moodle.

David H

Importing question data into Storyline does seem a bit of a limitation though, which is a bit of a let down, given the great features it offers. Moodle exports Question Bank data to the following formats;

1. Gift format

2. Moodle XML format

3. XHTML format

It's a real shame Storyline can't seem to import any of these formats. The only external format it seems to be able to import is PowerPoint slides and they don't seem to import as questions, unless I'm missing something.

David H

Apparently Adobe Captivate can import GIFT format which is a format that Moodle can Export. It would be good if Storyline and Quizmaker could do the same. I think that would be a worth while functional addition to Storyline and Quizmaker, as I think there could be lots of users that already have created content in various platforms that might have GIFT format export capability. i.e. like Moodle etc...

GIFT format seems a bit more comprehensive than some of the other simply multi choice question formats.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Currently Storyline doesn't support the import of questions from a file type such as XML or GIFT, etc. Quizmaker 13 supports importing quiz questions from an excel document and there is a template here.   Importing excel files or other question databases into Storyline has been a popular feature request, and if it's something you'd like to see as well please share your thoughts here in the form of a feature request with our product development team. 

Bill Vernola

Hi all,

I see a lot of question from several years ago pertaining to the ability of exporting questions and question banks but I don't see what I need. How do you export a question bank into a usable format that I can utilize by importing it directly in my LMS? I would expect Storyline to have at least a simple vehicle to export a question bank into a text file, .csv, excel file or even a Power Point file, but I don't even see a button for export. Am I missing something or is copy/paste the only way to get question bank data into an LMS environment?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bill,

Thank you for reaching out with your questions. 

There is no need to export the content from Storyline 360. When you publish your project for LMS distribution, you can track via the Result Slide associated with your Question Bank, and the data will report to the LMS. I'll share some relevant resources below:

  1. Storyline 360: Adding Result Slides
  2. Storyline 360: Publishing a Course for LMS Distribution
  3. Storyline Sends This Quiz Data to an LMS